Our Story

It’s not every day that we get to be a kid again,  but we turn into big kids when we design and produce all of our sensory paths.

Our story began at our large format print shop Miltown Signs and Graphics. The only all-female owned and operated large format printer in Canada. An inquiry from a school wanting a custom sensory path started us down our new business path.

In the beginning, we had little idea what a sensory path was or how beneficial they are to a child’s development. What we did not expect was how much this first sensory path would end up meaning to us.

Sensory paths provide so many benefits to children. It allows them to learn new things; reinforce literacy; get them moving; provide a sense of accomplishment, and reduce anxiety & stress. Just a few minutes a day can help a child to become a better learner in class. The added benefit of the sensory path is the sheer look of enjoyment on their faces.

Once we printed and installed our first sensory path, the inquiries to our shop exploded. So many schools wanted a sensory path, but they were having difficulty finding custom Canadian-made products. The teachers that were involved in our first path proved to be our best marketing campaign. All through word of mouth, more and more schools were calling. We put our 20+ years of experience in design and print production to good use and created Sensory Paths Canada. Proudly made in Canada at our print shop in Milton, Ontario.

We Love What We Do!
We take great pride in designing experiential learning environments that benefit the well-being of children.

We are the single source for custom-designed, print and installation of sensory paths in Canada. Discover our collection of sensory paths and explore how any child can HOP, JUMP, LEARN AND PLAY with SENSORY PATHS CANADA

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All Our Products Are Canadian Made
Every one of our products is proudly designed and manufactured in Canada, using quality materials from 3M. We’re also proud to offer free shipping to our Canadian customers.

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