Installation & Maintenance

Installation Instructions

Clean the Surface

Before installation of graphics, the floor must be cleaned.  Use Isopropyl Alcohol and spray on the surface.  Use a lint-free towel and remove all dirt and debris.  Failure to remove all dirt will prevent the floor graphics to adhere properly.  Allow the Isopropyl to dry.  Graphics can then be applied.  Ensure that all loose debris (i.e. small stones, fluff, and dust) is completely removed before application as these items will show through the graphic once applied.  

Application Steps

  1. Make sure the area, where you are laying the path, has been cleaned of surface debris and dirt.
  2. Your graphics will arrive in large sheets. Cut out all sections of your sensory path and lay them out in the hall where you would like them to be applied. This step allows you to see how long or short you’d like your sensory path to stretch down your hall.  You can move things around, and look at different options this way. 
  3. When you are set on the locations of the path items, use some Isopropyl Alcohol (minimum 70%) and clean the areas where the graphics are going to be placed. 
  4. Allow the alcohol to completely dry before applying graphics.
  5. Make sure you have your application squeegee nearby. Place two pieces of green painter’s tape, at the halfway point of the graphic, holding it to the floor.  (See Image 1)
  6. Peel the graphic from the backer-paper to the tape and cut the backer-paper off.  
  7. Holding the graphic off the floor, start from the centre of the graphic and slowly start moving the squeegee from centre to edge working both sides applying the graphics to the floor.  Be very careful with any areas that have small pieces hanging off (ex. the branch in the above graphic).  Have someone help hold these areas until you are ready to apply them to the floor.  Sometimes, applying some painter’s tape over these areas before peeling off the backer-paper can help when you are applying as they will not be as flimsy or loose. (See Image 2)
  8. Make sure any air bubbles or pockets have been pushed out. You can carefully peel back the graphic from the floor if you need to release an air pocket.  If you cannot peel the graphic back without damaging it, use a sharp knife point to poke a small hole where the air pocket is and squeegee any air towards that hole. 
  9. When you have completed the first half, remove the tape that is securing the graphic to the floor. Remove the backer-paper from the other half and apply the graphic to the floor using the same method as previous. 
  10. Repeat the above steps for all graphics included in your sensory paths. For larger graphics, having more than one person to help apply is the best way to ensure the graphics won’t rip or become damaged while applying to the floor.  
  11. For smaller decals – peel the backer-paper off completely and gently place it on the floor where the graphic is to be applied.  Starting from the middle, use the squeegee to press the graphic into the floor and push out any air pockets.  
  12. NOTE! Please allow approximately 5 days for the graphics to cure on the ground before use, and before waxing over top. To apply wax, start from the centre of the graphic and work your way to the edges.  It is recommended that 3-5 layers of wax be used over the top of the graphic to ensure they will not be damaged.   

For More Information on Graphic Application

Please visit our Instagram or Facebook for video guides showing the installation of a sensory path with tips & tricks. These videos show some of the techniques that we use when applying graphics. Click the highlighted and underlined tags.

Maintenance Instructions

No Harsh Chemicals or Cleaners

ONLY SOAP & WATER OR ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL IS RECOMMENDED FOR CLEANING. DO NOT USE any cleaning machines or chemical cleaners over top of the graphics.  A mop and bucket is the best way to clean the graphics and dry them immediately.  Dry any standing water on or around the edges of the graphics.

STEP 6: Peel the graphic from the backer-paper to the tape and cut the backer-paper off.

installation - move from centre outward

STEP 7:Start from the centre of the graphic and slowly start moving the squeegee from centre to edge.

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